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Brains of the e-scooter. Topics covering controllers, throttles, etc in this section.
Aber ich hab noch nin ganz anderes Problem... Hab den Controller drinne, alle Kabel dran und Parameter eingestellt..
Im Stehen läuft alles super beim testen..
Aber sobald ich mein BiRD umdrehen und selbst los fahre kackt er nach wenigen Metern komplett ab...

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Can you post some pictures of all the necessary connections please. I have this same controller for my lime s and can’t figure out which wires I need to hardwire to the 3 (black, red, green) wires that run to the throttle thumb switch and the 3 (black, red, blue) wires that run to the brake handle. I’m pretty sure I have the rest wired correctly. When I plug into power the lcd screen comes on and what not but I just don’t know how to get it moving. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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