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By Russ say's cut
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Hi can anyone help me out and tell me what these three connections are for?

The reason I ask is I'm modifying an older type E-scooter and replacing the old type acid batteries and controller with the battery and controller from the M365.

As far as I can work out the yellow, Brown and blue wire from the wheel on onto the controller but I only have a Black and Red wire on my 36v (Razor e300 type) motor.
Also the m365 wheel wire has a motor line plug that goes on the middle plug on the connector which I don't have do you think this will course problems/errors on the display?

Hope all of the above makes sense? In a nutshell I'm trying to make an old e-scooter drive like a new e-scooter.

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By LAskooter213
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Dude, that controller is for a brushless motor. Those are the phase wire connections for the motor.
If you have only two wires to your motor it is a brushed DC motor. Get a pwm controller or something along those lines.
You will never get that m365 controller to work.
I suggest you read up on all this shit before you start trying to modify anything electrical or youre just gonna fuck your shit all up..

By Phranc
Hook up the red and blue wires. Some brushless controllers will work on brushed motors. The brushless motor has 3 windings each one is powered by one of the 3 lines. If it works you will feel a jerk at slow speeds. To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

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