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By Hasheeshian

I have been scouring not only this site, but Googling any other possible site out there in regards to this issue and am coming up rather short to the information necessary to answer it questions.. So ì finally have decided to post here and hope y'all can help!

So, a couple week's back i was attempting to zip tie a flashlight on my repurposed bird scooter (mi365) and tightened one a little you tight ,it slipped off the frame of the scooter and skidded a rough edge of the light across my dash pcb. Oh.... Some background info: I've had no cover over it because when i picked up my scooters - 2 decommissioned birds from a co-worker with only 1 brain for $40 - the brain was missing the small silicone and metal parts that allowed the actual covers button to be actuated when pressing it. So i have had this since March with no cover over the brain and have been using whatever metal object in my pocket when wanting to turn it on or off or etc by shorting 2 of the 4 pins at the bottom of the pcb beneath the component for the button.. Strange and unhealthy for the electronics I'm sure but tough times for me this list year being homeless and a month ago having lost my job due to new managements snobby attitude and illegal actions based on my homelessness..

Anyways. The flashlight had broken off the component (an integrated circuit) at the u1 position on the board. My question is are there any tech junkies out there who can identify it's purpose and (since upon its breaking it disappeared under the doorway to the neighboring storage units roll up entry and i can no longer retrieve it) it's identification/serial number?

Really if anyone can take a look at their own and gimme the number/letter sequence printed on the u1 component so as to help me retrieve it's datasheet that way i can scavenge a suitable replacement from the various junk electronic pcbs i have in my storage unit (found a couple that so far seem to be the same but not enough info to be certain).. Here's a picture outlining the u1 component I'm missing and the button/4 pins i shorted together (in various combinations) to turn the sucker on..:
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