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Hello my fellow riders, mechs, and chargers...

Due to some rather unfortunate events as of late....I have taken some seriously heavy losses while out of town (funeral To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
). In the aftermath of a thieves wetdream,[ I lost 8 m365PRO, 3 reg m365, 4 ES2, and 14 ES4 (assuming a big truck or multiple trips lol)....oh...not including my toolbox with controllers, and dashboards for all the above (and some up and coming projects)] ...I am left with a plethora of parts and no desire to bust my ass for peanuts to shell out AFFORDABLE E-Scooters to an ungrateful community of cheapos still wanting a discount.

I am thinking if offeribg a DIY buildkit that has everything except a dashboard and controller. Honest opinion folks (real people, not the jackasses that steal em off the street or from backyards), would $100- 150 seem like a reasonable price (150 preferred to help with staggering losses) for such a kit? Otherwise I'll just go piece by piece on eBay (ugh) and like apps.

I appreciate if you read my novel, I could have made that much shorter. Guess I'm not done being pissed. Now I gotta watch all these selling apps and wait for my isht to post. Some were one of a kind paint jobs.
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In a nutshell....

So I'm thinking of offering these DIY Ninebot ES2/4 DIY build kits that come complete except the dashboard and controller. I'm thinking $150-ES4

Orders would be nice, however, I'm seeking opinions and possible marketplaces

Koolkidcharles wrote:
Sun Sep 22, 2019 12:16 am
Are they going to be foldable?
Thats a negative ghost rider. However, I will have all those parts individually can sorce a proper deck w/ folding kit installed. My ES4 deck will require a small portion of metal to be cut away for the folding kit will fit. I personally prefer he non-folding for safety reasons as well as my ride feeling secure. Folders can never get that slight jiggle out of the steering column.

MrTokensk8 wrote:
Sat Sep 21, 2019 11:49 pm
In a nutshell....

So I'm thinking of offering these DIY Ninebot ES2/4 DIY build kits that come complete except the dashboard and controller. I'm thinking $150-ES4

Orders would be nice, however, I'm seeking opinions and possible marketplaces
Quite upsetting to read of your misfortune and wish you the best in trying to recoup your losses.
IMO I believe your price range is quite fair especially considering that fantastic artwork on the deck. I'm not too familiar with the current resale market for scoots, but assume it wouldn't be difficult to sell compared to a new unit price easily being over $350.
Once again I wish you the best, GL!

Oh btw, do you happen to be near Los Angeles? It's not much but if you're nearby and interested ,I have a handful of ES baseboards, motors and whatnots I'd be more than happy to donate to your cause to help recover what you lost.
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Nutnbutscootn wrote:
Sun Sep 22, 2019 1:51 pm
I'm willing to buy a kit ..just to support the cause.Hope you do find some of your stuff that's fucked up shady pepz these days it's a thirsty ass world .some dont got it in them to hustle their own .sorry as muthafukas. Dm your info
I'm litterally so famished that where's the new domain search I have been unable 2 PMyou at all. Please email me @ [email protected]
RE: 1st DIY and I'll work out a better deal for my first bite on my new venture lol. And my personal email.

Anyone else needs parts (Everything but controllers n dashes [cept m365 PRO AND 1 es dash w/ non working display-BLE + on/off/light works] I'll beat eBay, you pay shipping. I'm honest with a plethora of customers and references (2 orders shipped to forum users). Parts are used, but working. [email protected].
Edmund, if I broke a rule but posting email, I apologize, please remove it if I don't do so first. Thank you everyone. Happy Skootin

Dude!!!! This sounds like you were targeted something hard. This is really upsetting to hear.

When you say kit -controller & Dashes, what does the kit include? I'd be interested in knowing more & to help out.

Another option? Why don't you start scooter courses? for people that want to learn how to mod and add accessories etc. For example that's one thing I've been reading so much about to validate & understand. I'd happily pay some $ for time on understanding additional ways to wire, changing voltage to add accessories etc.

just something else to think about!

def interested in discussing parts and kits. at the right price it would be fun to hone my skills on these kits.

courses sound awesome too, as mentioned above, q & a sessions, etc. you could charge a subscription or per cast or even do it like the youtubers do and get donations. ive been trying to get some answers on this forum and a few others but people just ignore and dont bother to help, killing the whole point of forums like these.

having a reliable resource would be amazing.

i emailed you this morning.

peace to all

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