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By IamPurple
Okey, cool. But would still like some clarification To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

The stock batteries BMS will cut off charging at 41.5V while the aliexpress batteries charge up to 42V, even though both batteries are technically 42V

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By LAskooter213
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Half a volt aint gonna blow nothin up. Dont worry about half a volt. And trust me, if the batteries are in parallel they WILL CHARGE TO THE SAME VOLTAGE. I promise you. If you keep the BMS boards active on both batteries, I cant tell you what will happen. The batteries are not truly in parallel in that case since the BMS is wired in series with the battery and therefore can interfere with the properties of the battery charging. How it changes thingst depends on the board. Personally, I dont use the BMS in my builds. . I have a smart charger and I rely on that to charge safely. But thats just me.
Even if it is safer, I say fuck it to a BMS. I dont like shit that stands in the way of my customizing, The hell with the added safety.. I dont like cars with ABS or airbags either. Im driving a 54 Chevy Bel Air and a 64 Impala SS. And guess what?.... I havnt died yet. In fact I would say Im pretty damn good at living in the danger zone. 38 years and counting.....

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By Skyexbluu
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What do you mean by bms active on both ? I have put external battery on different es2 without knowing they needed to be charged at same% before connecting...
What happens?
How should i do it?
Do they have to be same firm? To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

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