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By TJSplash
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So I'm working at making a larger battery pack comprised of 18650 batteries for a 52v overvolt. I'm still not sure if I'm going to chance soldering the connections or going with a spot welder, but we'll see. I have two questions that I need answered; I have these 4.1v cells and wanted to know how many in series I would need? I am coming up with an unround number, and just need advice on what to do.

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By LAskooter213
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Well, you aint gonna get 52 volts exactly. Not with 18650's. But you can get 54-55 volts. Why you stuck on 52?
Spot welder is the way to go. I have one if you ever find yourself in LA, Im happy to let you use it. Otherwise, you can buy a decent one on Amazon or Ebay or like $175.00.
You can also just take a typical m365 pack or similar and solder long wires to it and then make a separate 3s3p pack and connect it in series. Thats what I usually do and it works great. You can charge them separately...the m365 pack with the regular bird charger and the 3s3p pack with a 12 volt car charger and then hook em back together when youre done. That way you wont need to buy a separate charger (provided you own a car battery charger). Another advantage is that you can put the add on pack in a remote location giving you more design/space options. Ive been doing this with my scooter builds. It works very well.
And lastly, I have a 54 volt battery pack off of an old e-bike. Ready to go. PM me if you want it.
Take care homes.
Oh, Hows that ice chest scooter project going anyways? Im working on one a lot like it. Totally stole your idea, but it was just too cool to pass up. An ice chest you can RIDE? Love it.

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By TJSplash
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I am still waiting on getting more powerful motors for the ice chest scooter. I honestly have moved on to a new bigger and better project that I'm sure you will be up to the challenge for. I just picked up this old 70s motorcycle frame ( I was told that it was a Honda, not really too sure about that, but it was $15 so what can I say. Thanks offer up!) I am going to be creating an electric motorcycle. I'm not sure if I should even be on this forum anymore but I will be starting a separate topic and the hot rods section to keep you all updated. I need to clean up the frame as there is a little bit of rust, but nothing I am worried about. I still need to go about identifying the frame to figure out what I'm working with. It might be an old Honda Mt 125r.
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