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]Im looking to hire a worker/helper to assist me in building a couple dozen custom electric scooters. I acquired a lot of scooters from a police auction a while back and the things are just sitting around and gathering dust. I want to customize these scooters and sell them. I usually modify them with custom paint jobs, custom motors, dual motors, high voltage batteries...lots of cool shit. Problem is, I simply do not have the time to do this as I currently own a very busy auto repair shop. I need help. I am looking for someone who is organized and attentive and has basic knowledge of how to assemble and disassemble an M635 scooter. Basic knowledge of electrical repair, soldering, painting/prep is a big plus but not required. I will teach you everything you need to know in those categories and a lot more. Ive been a custom car builder for years and have a ton of knowledge to offer. If you have not seen my work, it speaks for itself. I have posted many projects on this forum. Check it out for yourself.
Anyway, this is a part time gig and you can more or less make your own hours and work as much or as little as you would like. I will train you and teach you how to do the work and I will pay you out at the end of every day, cash. Compensation is based on how well you can do your job.
If youre interested, PM me with your scooter experience, any other relevant skills or experience, your age, and your availability. Im located in Mid-City LA so you should live somewhere not too far from there. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks- J

Ive got mostly M365's I bought at auction a couple years ago. I was one of the first to jump on board with that shit and in those days auctions would sell you 20 scooters for 200 bucks. No one wanted them because they didnt know how to convert them. I actually learned how to convert the m365 myself. It was only a couple months later that I learned I wasnt alone. I came the fuck up and have a whole bunch of scooters left over.. Converting them is easy.....I usually like to overvolt them, make a few dual motor scooters and then paint them and customize the appearance. Ive done some pretty radical builds. Its fun. It makes me some extra cash too

Yo bro those are some sick scooters i build scooters ebikes fix them diagnostics then from top 2 bottom make the speedometer work or whatever & i am in the San Fernando Valley pretty close to L.A. & i will help u fix ur scooters if u haven't found anybody but if anything u wi have to provide things like food & drinks not beer i don't drink like that & the spare scooters or parts we can probably sell them or I'll buy them from u or exchange them for parts u need for the scooters u want to keep hmu if ur serious .... (747)274-8058 Josh is my name or the scooter guy To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

I am in norcal so I cant help you but I wanted to commiserate with you and that feeling of dread you get knowing you have so many scooters left to convert and paint. I've probably done over 75 and by now, even though I can do everything with my eyes closed, its mind numbing. So I can understand why you are hiring out the process, I hope it works out and you dont end up with some twat, unfortunately there's more twats out there than amigos, so be careful.

Im in san diego and im exactly what yer looking for (if the price is right). What do you have as far as parts/ scooters to contribute to the build and what are you looking to sell each unit for. Also when you say custom. How custom ? Like high end attention to detail with aluminum welding and shite? Or rat bike style throw away hot rods. I wanna warn you right off the bat tho.. if we speed up a bunch of scooters by overvolting and what not.. you better be ready for the very real ACTUALITY that people are going to get hurt on them. and i can not be held liable for that.

My names krash btw. I dont weld aluminum.. but i can do everything else yer imagining where scooters are concerned. Limited only by the budget

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