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IS anyone could help me to turn a bird electisan with using original contrôler ?

Or if i need a contrôler which Model because thé one i bought does not work
(36/48v 350w 15a)

There were a 36/48v 350w limited current 15a dont Know the différence and i bought thé normal 15a

Thank you

If someone have done a flash and using thé normal contrôler i would love to get thé guide (i could pay)

Pm if interested
Hi guys, i made it. I modified the arduino code with some stuff, so added a button that you can change the modes (aka the hex codes sended) of the scooter.
In my case you dont need a step down because i use de gps like step down, the only you need its an Arduino, in mi case Arduino nano.
Next week i will post the wiring and the code so will be easy for everyone.

The code works on Bird Zero with controller ES100, should work on ES200 too with some code changes i think.
Thanks to everybody in the forum!
Hi! I am from Germany and I have a myTier ES200D-B2C. Unfortunately, I forgot the password, very stupid - I know. I am the owner of the scooter and Tier is not willing to help, they say that they can not reset the password, that is so frustating. I bought it directly from Tier for a lot of money and now I have piece of junk :evil:

Any chance to get it working again?
basti256 wrote:
Fri Dec 06, 2019 5:25 am
MrSpriggs1 wrote:
Thu Dec 05, 2019 5:30 pm
What is with everybody not sharing their work? We are all here for the same reasons and without sharing we can't make the cause of putting it to the man, work. There is this idea invented by someone wiser than me called open source, if you make it open source, everyone is able to share our hard work and it will help us all move forward together.
Who care if some spineless dill hole wants to sell some rip off piece of monkey fluff. For more than he ever put into it.
If we share the knowledge we bring the price down and no one want to buy their silly little junk. We are only helping these cheese balls get rich off our hard work but keep the secrets to our selves. So Im begging you not to let limp d$#k win and put your wisdom out here our we all lose in the end.

I don't know where exactly is the problem now... I had the feeling I'm sharing enough from my idea over my time/ money and so on. I appreciate that you posted your .ino sketch on I am sure everyone loves what you did (I am serious).
Please accept my decission that i don't want to share my code as an .ino sketch... all the rest I'm sharing with everyone... I could have also have done it for myself and then noone would have anything... Or you all could buy these modules for an stupid mount of money... . We both know that we don't "have" to do what we're doing here, developing for other people.
The only reason why I am doing this is the fact that already I had luck with some projects when another one shared his knwoledge in the WWW as good as he could so I was able to rebuild it...

Ask other open source projects for there whole source code. 99% of them are not sharing the whole source code with the rest of the world. And if users share some snippets of the source code the topics will be directly deleted by the thread owner. I always say: Please share your findings through my script with the rest of the world, this is what will help people. Copy & Paste is too easy and no one is learning anything.

Another example: I've read ??your?? post at at first: Respect for this awesome and Detailed Tutorial.
But have you said by ONE word who found out the trick? No, you didn't. This is exactly why I don't share the code itseld. If I would have shared it as code, I am very sure I would find my code now there attached as an .ino file. And because I haven't shared my code I find YOUR code attached to YOUR tutorial.
Your sketch is good and working, even when I have made it completely different, both ways bring it's way to success and I#ve learned something: Think easier and not so complicated.

So again to everyone: Please accept my/our/ everyones decission how they handle their code. It's their built, it's their product.

Cheers and an drunken Friday,
Hi Sebastian
I do accept and understand your decision, you did a great work here, like really great.
What i do think about here, is why nobody did take a look at the nRF52840 and code this in a different way, if it isn't locked. By doing it this way, you can use the BLE from the mobile phone and with a little app power on/off, and even make a personal password etc, and if you only want a switch for this, then i am sure there are a free pio to use for this.. then it will only be a new firmware to the bluetooth/GPS/GSM board.. please correct me if i am wrong.. and all can do this without purchase anything. Just a thought.... and this way you will punish the people who did steal your code and are selling it the best way, because then there are nothing to sell..
Have a nice day, keep up all your good work and keep smiling.
fernlop wrote:
Fri Mar 20, 2020 11:47 am
The unlock and control codes were not encrypted, we just needed to find out what they mean.
The "security code" that is sent always changes and i read about an encryption the stm32 used that generated an output that looks exactly like the codes we see. Bu i can't find the doc right now.

About flashing the STM32, it is possible, they only have read protection level 1. no write protection. I successfully reflashed the chip of the IOT, but that doesn't do anything now.

Here are some sequences from a working Tier scooter, validated with CRC8:
Code: Select all
7A120AA8613D6F7B4675FFFEA612 // invalid CRC8!
funbag wrote:
Thu Mar 12, 2020 3:28 pm
Everything is encrypted in one way or another. But we were still able to retrieve the unlock codes, mainly due to the fact that communication between IoT and ESC could be read. Same can hopefully go for the keep alive challenge.

STM32 in the IoT box has read protection, but the serial flash feeding data to it has not. The STM32 probably has write protection as well so it's not just a matter of re-flashing it. Sorry, I don't believe it's the easiest solution.

I'm still highly interested in the Rx/Tx data sent between IoT box and ESC. Hopefully things can be found there.
fernlop wrote:
Thu Mar 12, 2020 10:11 am
The security codes are encrypted.
There is no way to duplicate this, the GPS Box STM32 Chip has read out protection.
You would need to write a new software for the STM32 inside the motor controller.
We should focus on this.
This way everything would get much easier.
Did you ever get the code up running on the STM32 ? if it is only level1 it should be possible to reverse it and reflash it with a working code
Hi all,

I want to test arduino solution on my scooter which I bought from junkyard. (segway 2.3)

I measured with multimeter IOT green plug pinouts here is the result (between GND and pins)

Red - 36 v
Green - 3.3 v
Yellow - 3.3 v
Black - GND
Blue - shows 36 v

if I connect blue wire to arduino 3.3 v pin I assume I will blow up arduino

Any comments


P.S. Can anybody share his scooter green 5 pin juliet pinout values ..
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