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By SneakX
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Hello! i found an abandoned and empty TIER ES 400 near a forest.
now i want to make the 400 as my personal scooter.
i saw in the Forum that you can make the scooter start with an arduino mini and 2 cables. but 200 Models.
so.. did someone tried that out with a 400 Model and whats about the IOT Box?
is there a chance to modify the IOT Box over a software / ST-Link?

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By Rick Sanchez
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If you search in the forum for "ES400 unlock development" you'll notice that we started on it already. At the moment we're at the state of *Buuuuurrrrbbb*decoding the CAN packages that I sniffed from a scooter beeing in business with a logic analyzer but I can't help any further because I had to fly back to work. But you're welcome in helping if you want To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
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By Mainstreamlos
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Got the same problem. Maybe the motherboard from the ES200 model is the same. You can by a refurbished scooter but than you only have Bluetooth access, no GPS.

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By Mainstreamlos
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In the last time many people find TIER Scooters. In the forrest or in a lake... I was in my hometownand when I came home something cleaved under my shoe sole. I looked under my shoe, and surprise it was a brand new TIER ES-400.
Next day I saw 15 in a row but I didn't have my rifle with me.
Happy hunting Tier's
Its my booty To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
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