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By Bird_of_prey
Any updates? What about using an m365 control borad and mother board..? Volts are the same... Amps are not... But that should it least get it working....
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By 365GUY
Not sure if this is a dead post but your problem is the self learn feature( green wires)

Did you figure this out already?

If not reply and I can run you through the process
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By 365GUY
Are u the one with a scooter that runs in reverse?
And no I have never seen a wheels bike. There not in Arizona
By Duke623
I have two of these I'm looking to convert... I'm wondering if all I need is a 36v 250w motor controller off of Amazon or is their something else/ different I should get. Thanks.
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By 365GUY
I would get a controller that is 36-48v and 350watt rated.

Then you can overvolt it at 56 volts and it will haul *ss.
By Duke623
365GUY could you elaborate on what you mean about making it haul *ss?? I have converted one of these successfully and cheaply so if anyone needs help hmu.
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By 365GUY
Read up on overvolting, caps are rated at 63v on most of the controllers you can find.
So you can run up to 58v safety and increase speed pretty considerably. I have had mine going about 26-27
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By 365GUY
Working on a AWD dual motor setup currently running two 36-42v 12 amp hour batteries along with the overvolt packs to feed both controllers 58v.

Finally received my second controller today so I can get to it and go rollin.

Still need to build a modified front fork to fit the hub motor but that ain’t nothing but a thing.

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