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By Slghmr
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After dissecting the battery myself, I can say I see absolutely no snitches anywhere in this lyft max. Can anyone direct me to a thread that explains how to convert one of these into a personal? im not having much luck finding anything on the max, at least nothing comprehensive....Thanks in advance!

By MajorRazer

Im gonna say first start is either flash that dash with an STlink, or get a M365pro dashboard on amazon. It appears to be identical. Id be willing to bet original m365 dashboard will work too.

Lyft typically has 5 wires/5pin going into their dashboards that will fry others, so open the cable and only use Red, Black,Green,Yellow. . (sub green as blue if applicable)

We just recently got them down here in ATL. Have yet to ride one yet. Those tires look beefy enough to handle out shitty downtown roads.
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By Slghmr
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Have you sucessfully converted a max? I see your photos show, including the advice from the post before yours, that it wouldnt be too hard to get m365pro dash to work on a max...I guess i'm just wondering if anyone out there has actually succeeded in this....

Would I need to remove the wire harness, like in the m365 commercial versions, or do anything other than that basic plug'n'play that works for the xiaomis?

Seems too good to be true...but if thats the case, I will be attempting this soon...

By bilzbub
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does anyone a link or instructions on how to convert a 4 pin dash to work with the 5 pin controller or is there a process to splice? i read above but dont see any details and im not really an electrician but am brave enough to attempt minor surgery on my own. any information would be amazing.


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