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By hodrodbob
I'm trying to find Bird Ones up for Auction but I wanted to check something before I buy a buy a scooter.

In theory, if I was to simply remove both the dashboard & the controller, I would replace both with say a M365 dash & controller, connect it up and it would work, right? obviously there would be wiring requirements, but a new controller and dash should make all basic components work, correct?

As long as I'm updating both, I should be able to get a legally acquired Bird one back on the streets by replacing both.

or is there an easier way?

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By cooterjones
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Don't have any experience first hand with the m365 but I believe it's a 250w and the Bird One is 350w motor so I don't think it'll work. I believe Samzone fried a m365 board hotswapping it into a Bird One
Would love to get into coding the stock controller
Swapping a ebay 350w special is effective but chinsy

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