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By Bug_meh
mrracerhacker wrote:
Mon Aug 03, 2020 1:59 pm
@Bug_meh yeah you can use the same display, done it on one of my snsc 2,3
Ok! But what is different between the shared version and the non shared version?
When I am looking at ebay for a repacement, it says on many that it is not for a shared version. Mine is a shared version.
I dont care to have a shared one so for me, if it is possible to flash it as a regular one that would have been great!
Do you know if this is possible?

By Bug_meh
I got an incomplete SNSC 2.2 on my hands. It is missing the IOT box and the dash.
I am waiting on a clone dash from ebay, a UART hardware and a ST-Link.
I hope i can get this to work by flashing firmwares to all ECUs.
I hope i can bypass the missing IOT box by software.

Have you also tried to flash BMS with UART?

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