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By meme8888888
I bought a defective m365 (used 800km). With an improvised switch (connected to the power supply to the controller).
It started directly with that switch (without power button), but locked in eco mode I think. The headlight turned on long after I've pressed the power button.
When i've connected via bluetooth to it, I saw that it was set on low regenerative braking.
I used it one day, but sometimes it started, other times it didn't, with that improvised switch.
Now it doesn't start at all when the switch is on.
I opened it and saw that the plastic battery case has a hole for resetting the bms I think.
The battery is working fine (blinking blue, voltage ok, is charging).
I saw positively the indicator of the presence of water.
No led lights on the dashboard or controller, no sounds.
I don't know what to investigate. Be the faulty controller or dashboard?

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