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By mayaku
Here are some images of the brain :-)
To get it you "simply" have to pop off the cover with a flat screw driver :D
By jwzwieikben
sooner or later the people on this forum will hack this scooter we just need another samzone video :D
Im glad you guys exist xD
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By lexfire
You need new BMS for the battery & put generic controler !
By Cochiloco1975
En la imagen marco con naranja los puntos para hacer el flasheo pero desconozco como crearlo amigos suerte
By Cochiloco1975
Y en esta segunda parte marcó los puntos del flasheo de la controladora saludo y gracias
By Cochiloco1975
:roll: En los marcados naranjas están los puntos de flasheo pero desconozco los finwere saludos.. Image
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lexfire wrote:
Tue Jul 13, 2021 3:44 pm
You need new BMS for the battery & put generic controler !
please ref .model of BMS thanks
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By lexfire
Heyy @EPOK ,

This one ! The 40AMPS !
By AntiSocialB0t
Great news!
After some testing, I can say that the same Methode and controller as used with the Bird One 590, still works with the Bird Two.
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