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By Degru
I recently got a G30P (second gen motor) and it's been fantastic except this one weird and concerning problem.

During the day, the scooter works wonderfully. Acceleration is smooth and consistent, and it maintains 18-19mph the whole way except on steeper hills.

At night when I am coming home from work is a different story. The speed seems to hover around 16-17mph, with totally random and sudden small bursts of acceleration back up to 18mph. It's manageable, but quite concerning. It seems to happen regardless of terrain, whether I'm going up or down hill, or on flat ground. I've noticed it happen at both full and low battery as well.

On two instances as I was just starting my ride during the initial acceleration, I've also had the rear brake engage sharply, twice in quick succession. There was seemingly no error code and the only thing that happened was a single beep from dash. The ride following this was uneventful, but still it was very worrying.

I've not seen anyone have a same or similar issue with this model, so I am curious if anyone here can shed some light on it. I've only put about 80 miles on this thing so far according to the app, and it seemingly works flawlessly 90% of the time. The subtle and intermittent nature of the issue makes it hard to troubleshoot myself.

By RonaldVog

I want to add a read more button to news manager.

I can create function to edit and save short and full text but i cant make the more button link to show the full article


By RonaldVog
Bad ground. Fix the ground wire so its grounded out better and it should take care of your issue. Or at least the second one, not 100 on the first one.

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