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By nanipoonani
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Good evening,

let me start with this, I am not an engineer or something, everything I found was on google and I thought I should share this with you guys after reading the topic of how to convert a bird one 590 to a personal scooter, correct me if I'm wrong.

I watched all Sam's Video's and he has been a big help for us but we have to agree that flashing the scooter is much easier.
I googled the product number of the controller (LSW6G-RF-FOC - europian model)
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and found this post on Reddit: ... hxgf140207.

It's not the exact model but people seem to use this controller for e-bikes which means maybe there is hope to flash the scooter.

After doing more research I googled the manufacturer's name
Nanjing Lishui Electronics Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Then i found this: https://opensourceebikefirmware.bitbuck ... W-675.html

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Would it be possible to flash the scooter with a new firmware using this software?

This is how to upload the file to the controller: (source:

If u guys have any idea's on how to do this let me know I'm here to take pictures and try anything out as long as it makes sense.

Who knows maybe we can work this out.
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By Will
I was able to convert this 590 scooter using SAMZONE's videos this evening. Unfortunately, it runs only about 10MPH. Even with no one on it. I would love a solution to this as well.

By Teslaguy
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It may be possible, provided you can do a limited amount of wiring. Basically the throttle, headlight, and brake sensors connect to the Bird GPS/brain which must be unlocked to send the signal down into the controller. If the Bird brain can be bypassed, you can most likely get it to work!

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By mayaku
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This is exactly what I did last night To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

But as Teslaguy mentioned there is some rewiring necessary. (E.g. throttle at ADC1 input) And then you have to bypass the BMS, too. Here is where my problem starts, I don't have the possibility to open the battery because its sealed. Will keep You Up2date if any progress is made ^^

By RonaldVog
I’ve been thinking about getting something like this to go hiking with. 600mm in a camera that weighs less than 2 pounds would sure be nice

Thanks for the review.

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By Bug_meh
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Got any update on this?
Johndow wrote:
Thu Jul 22, 2021 3:49 pm
If you can read this diagram I made it shows you exactly how to turn the scooter on and and if you push it for a few seconds the lights come on wheel unlocks everything but the throttle doesn't seem to work. To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

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