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By bilzbub
its very simple. these things are stupid easy. one gps, quickly removed behind basket. i literally had a $7 350 watt chinese controller laying around from an old project. the controller that was in it looked almost exactly like it. i swapped them out and that was ALL i had to do. why knock yourself out? if you're going to go through the trouble of aquiring one why give yourself the headache of hacking it? you can get a controller off wish for 10 bucks and you're DONE. i threw a 48v battery in that puppy and im doing 24 mph and pretty much converted it with my eyes closed. adding a 2nd battery tomorrow for longevity. so far my longest trip before the battery died was 20 miles at pretty much full throttle. the 16" tires kick *ss. my only remaining tasks is adding a dash for monitoring and getting the lights working. that. is. it.

hope this helps.

its a victimless crime.
By ryan422
I was going to look into the serial info... You claim that just shorting one of the data pins to ground will do the trick?
Jimmyyahoo wrote:
Wed Apr 15, 2020 2:22 pm
adal wrote:
365GUY wrote:
Fri Jun 28, 2019 5:54 pm
Read up on overvolting, caps are rated at 63v on most of the controllers you can find.
So you can run up to 58v safety and increase speed pretty considerably. I have had mine going about 26-27
Do you have any info on these machines? I have access to a lot of them... but I am stumped by the gps passthrough control. .I am about to get a serial connection to the device ... wondering if you have any tips or tricks for this one .. .I am expecting the new off the shelf controller to he here on Monday, so I will make it happen then .. .but would be good to be able to by pass the sit down razor scooters ... the ecosmart metro share version...

Let me know what was done on your end .. .I think I am about to crack it .. .just need to know what comes down that data cable ... on tx one rx ... if I can emulate that some how ... I am golden.
Whoa buddy you're getting ahead of yourself. You need not worry about the data connection if you just want to bypass that ole narc box. Get a multi meter and start measuring the voltage of the wires coming up through the neck. Find the high voltage one 36v and mark it and then never touch it especially with ground. Then probe around and find the 4-5v wires. Oh you'll have to cut the connector off to do this save it for that off the shelf unit. Anyhow, eventually you'll have a couple wires with positive voltages , mark those. Now test continuity with a known ground which should be black. You'll find more than one. The rest are data or signal wires and one of which when touched to a low.voltage wire you'lr controller will turn on. YAY that's the biggest hurdle! Now it's just a matter of finding with signal wire is for the throttle (use any 5v and grnd combo will do and the other remaing signal wire will be for the brake. The high voltage wire to didn't touch is for the light and you will need a mechanical switch. Have fun fella if you can make that work you are 99% ahead of the."uuuuuh I fried my board because there are six wires when youn saaidt there were five! It's difffrunt!"
By M365GUY
To the guy who is saying he got the stock controller working by supplying a data pin wire with 5 volts. I have a pretty good understanding of controllers and have spent some time working on figuring out this controller and mapping the wires. It's a pretty unique little controller with lighting output, horn and other sh*t not normally found on controllers.

I was hoping you could elaborate more on what you did to get the thing to turn on. I have tried evey data / 5v combo and I can't get it to power up.
By Jprfixit
Hello all i have been read along with this post now that i have access to a metro would love to get it up and running. I see one user was able to just use a new control and new battery. Would love to see how this process to be done or just jumping wires like the other user states u can.
By Jprfixit
Here is so more pictures might help some. Something odd i see is a power wire going straight to the battery wire.

Would love to if one of u can get it unlocked and working, Its in a locked state,

By M365GUY
Basically every controller has a power wire straight off the positive board lead. Typically used to turn on off the controller. It's sometimes listed as key switch or battery meter. It's straight battery voltage so I don't know what it's used for on this controller as there obviously isn't a key switch. Maybe powers the GPS .

I haven't messed with this controller in a while, was hoping some info would be added to this board with instructions on how to power it up.

By M365GUY
So dude who said he got this controller working is ghost ? I'm wondering if he still had the GPS pcb hooked up and that's got something to do with his data wire to 5 volt thing he said worked. Because I'm just trying to get the controller to power up alone without any GPS. I have a test bench with just a battery,motor, throttle and break. I just don't see any reason why it shouldn't power up. There must be firmware loaded that it needs to get some specific signal for it to power up, because if it was just on all the time it would always have power to the motor if the throttle is pressed.
So it must be something on the TX/RX pins but there are 2 sets of them on this board. Does anyone know what signal is normally sent on TX RX data lines and how I would go about trying to test different signals ? Pretty lost when it comes to this type of stuff.
I would really like to get this controller working ! Anyone else working on this ?
By Nswartz89
Can anyone give me the idiots version of connecting the new controller with the wires. Do I need to cut all connections and just twist them together? If so what wire alines with what. I just need someone to dumb it down for me step by step. I already got rid of the gps I am just stuck on rewiring. It would be so helpful and know other people one line would love the help too. Thank you
By M365GUY
You need to rewire the whole thing,motor, battery, throttle and brake. If you have never done any wiring before then try and find something on YouTube that explains how to wire a black controller. It's not very complicated but you need to know that wires on your controller need to be hooked up. The one wire that seems to always cause people issues is the key switch wire or ignition. It's basically a wire that comes off your battery up to a switch and back down to that thin red wire on your controller. All it's going to do is supply battery voltage to your controller to turn it on or off. If you don't have a switch then just wire it from the battery straight to the controller and unplug your battery to turn on off.

Motor wires are 3 big phase wires and 5 small hall wires. Disregard any extra small white wire as most controllers don't use it. It's a temp sensor wire in the motor.

Everything else is pretty straightforward.3 wires for throttle,2 for brake, usually doesn't matter the polarity on brake.

That should get you able to turn on the controller and the throttle should work. Brake should cut power to motor when used.

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