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By jatgm1
is there any way i could add something like a flipsky controller to a m365 to make it easier to change settings and eliminate the entire speedometer and everything? i was thinking if i could set the speed to 18 like my m365 is at now using custom firmware from some app and some software i ran with something i soldered to the board that programmed it with the old facctory firmware so it could be written. from what i understand the flipsky controllers are intended to work more easily, is there one that can be bolted to the existing three bolt holes or somehow attached with thermal paste to just work the same as the original? i wanted to essentially just use the original throttle and then get a 36 to 5v converter and hook it up to the headlight with a push switch attached to a hole drilled into the original speedometer thing for turning the inverter on and off and consequently the light. since its 36v tho im thinking maybe use a relay? or a transister to save power but idrk how. not sure if many switches can handle 36v without failing.

tl:dr, help finding a reliable flipsky controller to use to replace the stock one would be very helpful im new to this
By M365GUY
If your new to bldc motors and controllers I don't think I would recommend you switching out your oem 365 controller for a vesc ( Flipsky is just a name brand of the open source Vedder Electronic Speed Control or Vesc as it's referred to. They were originally designed for the eskate community however it has grown into a industry with a number of companies each with their own niche. Flipsky makes decent controllers, I started with a 4.2 and installed it on my m365 scooter.i will just say it was not easy. Not was it any better. It took many nights of learning the open source program and getting things setup correctly. It took days of dicking around trying to get the electric brakes working and after hours of work for some reason it just started working. I think the software has some issues but this is over a year ago so I'm hoping things have improved. I just ordered the new 75100 Flipsky controller. 84v capable and 100 amp cont.
But back to your question. Is it possible... Yes of course. You can get any bldc motor controller to work with a brushless motor. Will it be better? Depends what you are looking for I guess. It's pretty hard to beat a stock setup with modified firmware. But overall i don't suggest someone with little experience try to convert to a vesc.

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