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Hi Members I'd like to know or ask any information about how I get a Voi Xrental scooter to personal....Here's a few pictures of items removed from the scooter display and can you help me out with what other box with 3 leads coming out of it is???
Appreciate any help or information about this that would help me out with getting it converted to Personal use...cheers.
Is there any one who has hacked the original display/control unit without having to buy a ninebot max display unit???
ERES pictures of the display and also anyone that can tell me what the 3 wired unit is/does.. thanks...


The "3 wire thing" looks like the iot box, where the gps and cellular stuff is. Basically how they track their stuff. Hard to see the size of the unit, but if it's anything like the ones we got, were you to flip it over, you'd see a sim card, speaker, and small battery. Let's them come and get their scooters back when people take them home.

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