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karkesarke wrote:
Thu May 19, 2022 4:19 am
hi. Im have ninebot max plus scooter.Im flash main board to 1.2.6 and dashboard to 1.1.7, all app programs working but i have battery foult 45.when wheel rotate and scooter turn on foult dont have.but when i ride 10s battery is off.Some know how is repair this foult?
Yes that is what happens when you put retail firmware on a rental scooter.
cyberguy wrote:
Thu Jan 27, 2022 5:28 pm
I wrote many forums but no one help or suggest or give any clue of my dashboard. Since I bought 2 scooter without battery pack luckily I found 1 pack in auction :) .

Last week I did too many trial and error, well finally I figure it out how to flash to stock firmware all 3 items, (dashboard "BLE", battery controller "BMS" and driver "ESC")

Now battery leds are shows battery level, also its possible to charge battery from sockets,
ESC is working without IOT (unplugged GPS/GSM module "wasn't included sim card")

My dash was bit different. I believe it's a new version and c2 capacitor is located back of the board. I could flash with 555 firmware.

Dashboard is operatable now also possible to connect via bluetooth. Dashboard shows battery capacity while idle. Bluetooth name "Change.Me.Pls" is coming with 555 firmware. I changed with hex editor.

There are some minor problems on dashboard side. The firmware I found on internet is for 350 max but not for "max plus" therefore

1. Dash is always on (on/off button not functioning)
2. I couldn't turn on headlight (single press to on/off button)
3. double click (on/off button) is not changing modes (stays always "S " mode)
4. max plus has 2 brake lever (left one should be disconnected from dash sockets) otherwise giving error 15
5. tail light is not flashing when brake applied.

I couldn't find correct firmware for dashboard yet

All bluetooth settings are working from mobile, info screen, speed etc. Scooter has 30 km top speed at the moment

Good Luck

Hi! Can you send me the file for flash the BMS? Your help is very appreciate!
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