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Micro mobility projects built using electric scooter components.
Reconfigured my battery packs and added a Daly 72v 60 amp Bluetooth BMS to each pack.
They install pretty easily and configuring on your phone is pretty straightforward and simple. Few little things i still need to figure out but overall they do seem like pretty solid BMS. Few things I wish they could modify in the software, the biggest would be the ability to monitor more than one pack on Bluetooth at a time. The other thing that is pretty lame is the long lag time from the BMS to the screen. It's about 5 seconds lag from being accurate. So when I dump some high power or go WOT the display takes a while before displaying the current. It just makes for a pretty useless current monitor,one of the features I was looking forward to having available. I could have gotten a dumb BMS but having the ability to check on the different cell voltages in each series string is pretty cool. Seeing a confirmation that my battery is well balanced is something you don't get with a BMS that doesn't utilize Bluetooth.
When looking for a good BMS you will soon figure out that there are few well documented models available other than Daly and maybe ANT. I hope we see a US company startup that offers Diy BMS options.
Changed out the handlebars for some old suzuki bars and it made it more comfortable to ride. More upright I guess and I think they look better.
So I found some motors on AliExpress that are very similar to what I have on it now, except they are 72v 3500 watt and almost 2000 rpm, compared to 350watt 36v 300rpm. I’m running them at over 3000watts /72v 50 amps and they move pretty fast. 0-41 mph in about 6-7 seconds so I can’t imagine what these other motors would do. Definitely give me a top speed closer to 65mph vs 41mph which would be nice.
Not sure I want to drop about 400$ per motor though.

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