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By Feeksi
Has anyone else had any experience with the Neuron scooter?
Looks like a basic mobile unit upfront, and control board, battery and wiring is all under the deck.
After seeing a few around, they don’t seem like they are very durable, with flogged our bearings etc.
And who’s seen chargers for these? It seems like it’s a small company run crew, or 2 man crew that picks these up charges them and drops them back off, as opposed to seeing 50 Lime juicers scrambling the city.
By Maxwellian
How did you go about accessing/opening the deck on the scooter to get to the battery?
By Feeksi
And I’m guessing, like the Lime, the alarm and GPS are in the box on the front of the stem?
By dehdon
I managed to unlock one tf these by hiring it and taking it out of bounds, then unplugging the GPS module and cutting the cable to the helmet lock and... bing... could ride it out of bounds and without paying. No power button obviously, and there's a timer that counts up from whenever the battery is connected, as if it's in "hired" mode.

I've tried to do it several times since, however, and been unsuccessful. But, if I remove the dashboard from the unlocked one and put it on a new one, it works again. So it appears all the locking mechanism is built into the dash.

The new ones have the GPS antenna built into the dashboard and appear to be significantly different and are likely more sophisticated in terms of unlocking them. But the dashboard swap still works, so if you could find a way to interface a generic dash with them, they'd be easy to commandeer.
By Aussie13
dohdon, can you post pisces of the dashboard and GPS board which this can be done to?

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