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Welcome to the ScooterTalk wiki!


This Wiki is Powered by the Media Wiki framework and therefore it has all the capabilities and stability as the popular website "Wikipedia". Wiki's were designed to give the sites visitors and users the capability to easily create, edit, and manage content on the website. This, in turn, allows for a website that is very dynamic and able to host current and accurate content related to the topic of the wiki site. In our case, this is the recently made popular electric scooters and companies that rent electric scooters to the general public.

About ScooterTalk Wiki

The ScooterTalk Wiki is a feature of the ScooterTalk Message-board /Forum and the wiki can be utilized by creating pages that can be referenced in discussions taking place on the message-board. Examples of content that is suitable and common to wikis include; Encyclopedia type pages, Knowledge-base articles, sometimes referred to as "KB's" or KB articles. Other types of pages common on Wikis include the User pages, Dictionary or Common terms related to the topic, images, Diagrams, or infographic content. This is just a few examples of the acceptable types of pages/ content that can be found on wiki websites.

Design Plan

This section of the page is under development and plans for its content will contain the future development plan for the ScooterTalk Wiki in general. Please feel free to edit or move this section of the page if it is better served else-wear within a different section or page of the wiki.

Other Resources